Feeling Zen

I know I know, it’s time I stop talking about chokers. Or is it? I just can’t help it, okay!?

When I come across a good deal on something I love, I feel the need to share it with others! I came across a brand called UltimateZen  via Instagram, and have been hooked ever since. 

UltimateZen sells their chokers and other products on Etsy which is a jewelry addicts dream, with unbeatable prices. 

I was given the opportunity to try out some of these chokers and I have been wearing them with almost every outfit. Take a look:







Blush Velvet Choker 


Blush Velvet Choker 



Kimiko Petite Wrap Necklace



Mini O Seiki Choker 

My favorite so far is the gold Mini O Seiki choker. One of my favorite things to do is layer dainty necklaces and this one is perfect for just that. The blush velvet choker is a must have as well and adds the perfect pop to a monochromatic or funky look. 

Check out some of these chokers if you want to add a little spunk to your fall wardrobe:)

Meet you here again soon,


UltimateZen Etsy Shop:


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