Hat: Forever 21 // Velvet Jumpuit (similar): Urban Outfitters // Belt: Gucci // White Boots (similar): Urban Outfitters


Ah, New York, New York. Although you leave me exhausted, helpless, and a little dirty, I can’t help but to love ya. Just a few weekends ago, I visited New York with a full agenda. This included a visit to by CHLOE, an Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper live show (which was incredible), a visit to Cha Cha Matcha, and much more. Of course, I brought my camera along for the journey!


I have to admit, Cha Cha Matcha has been ALL over my Instagram feed and it was on the top of my priority list during this trip to New York. Funny enough- I hate green tea. Moment of silence for the money I willingly wasted at this establishment simply because it looked beautiful. If you say you have never purchased something simply for the Instagram, YOU. ARE. LYING. TO. YOURSELF. 













Now that the weather is breaking a bit, I need to get my butt back to New York. What should I put on my to do list?

That’s all I got for today! I really cannot express how excited I am to get back to blogging. Unfortunately, the last couple months of school have completely drained every ounce of inspiration I had in me, BUT.. its a new semester and there are only good things ahead. 

So many posts to come, I can hardly wait 🙂 Have an amazing day!

Hermes link, ice blue mink

Hermes link, ice blue mink

One of our favorite things to do while traveling through Europe, was to simply explore. When arriving in a new place, we would unpack our bags and immediately take the town. We weren’t necessarily sure where we were going half the time, but we always managed to get to the darnedest places…which also translates to a vintage art, clothing, and handbag market. Isn’t that convenient!?

Part of our trip was to the South of France. It was hands down one of my absolute favorite places I have ever been. Our first stop was to Nice, and turns out you can hop on a train to Monaco and Cannes and be there within 20 minutes which we took full advantage of for two days. 

When arriving in Cannes, we started making our way to the city center where we quickly discovered the JACKPOT. 

Strangely enough, the four of us ended up in the center of it all at a table full of vintage Louis Vuittons, Hermes scarves, and Chanel jewels (I remained totally calm during this entire endeavor). NOT. We made friends with two older French women who were selling these goodies and had THE TIME of our lives. 


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

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Processed with VSCO with 4 preset


What did I find?

While looking through the glass case of Hermes vintage scarves, I was so overwhelmed by their beauty. What does she look like you ask?


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I don’t know about you, but when I purchase or receive something this special I put it on display in my room just to stare at. I love anything vintage and this piece will definitely be in my life for a veryyyyy long time. 

Thanks for reading:) What is your favorite vintage item you own?

Meet ya here again soon,


sticks and *stones* may break my bones…

sticks and *stones* may break my bones…

Remember that time I said my new belt would be making an appearance more than once? I kept my word! 

During my last week in London, I did some vintage shopping with the QUEEN of vintage. Christiana if you are reading this, I love you forever. 

We stumbled upon this incredible vintage store that only left me teary eyed knowing I had found it JUST DAYS before I was leaving to come home. I mean, why did that happen!?

For being a vintage store placed in the middle of Central London the prices were amazing and the options were endless. I left with this cropped Rolling Stones t-shirt, that was a whopping £14. It is safe to say I grabbed it and ran. 

Naturally I wanted to center an entire look around this find. So, I paired it with high waisted black jeans and my Gucci belt for some added detail. Not to mention, these backgrounds couldn’t be more perfect. (Nicole, you are a gem). 

I would also like to mention that these photos were taken after consuming an entire bottle of prosecco with said Nicole. 


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Thanks for stopping by:)

More to come-  meet you here again soon,




2/24/17 •• 2/26/17

I never thought I would find myself traveling to Denmark. Not because I didn’t have an interest to, but just like a lot of things happening while abroad, I never thought it could ACTUALLY happen.

Copenhagen was AMAZING. One of those places that you want to go back to before you’ve even left. The vibes and the atmosphere were incredible and everyone could not have been nicer. 

My friends and I stayed in a hostile for the first time which was super neat that I would recommend to everyone who finds their way to Copenhagen!

 Between a 3 hour walking tour, canal tour along the Nyhavn, and discovering Paper Island (the best food market there ever was, basically the Reading Terminal on speed/crack/every drug ever)… it was such an amazing weekend. 

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset











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Even looking back at this post to edit it gives me all the feels. I miss this place so very much!

Meet you here again soon,


Notting Hill

Notting Hill

A day spent surrounded by pastel colored houses is always a good day♥


Naturally the day started off with an unexpected brunch/linner at Farm Girl Cafe. If you are making your way to London I highly recommend stopping by this trendy little cafe for some acai goodness and berry pancakes with amber maple syrup (not to mention they are gluten free). 


Probably taking a photo of the glorious food in front of me. Actually I was, 100%

Notting Hill couldn’t be cuter. I would imagine when it warms up a bit the Portobello Market is crowded and their is more to do, but if you want to see some cute colorful homes that are worth more than your entire family including extended then I recommend. 


Saw an available curb, figured I should take a photo per usual. I have discovered it’s my go to, but if it works then it works, ya know?











Went back to Portobello Market on a warm and sunny day and it was AMAZING. 10/10 Recommend.


Meet you here again soon,



Feeling Zen

Feeling Zen

I know I know, it’s time I stop talking about chokers. Or is it? I just can’t help it, okay!?

When I come across a good deal on something I love, I feel the need to share it with others! I came across a brand called UltimateZen  via Instagram, and have been hooked ever since. 

UltimateZen sells their chokers and other products on Etsy which is a jewelry addicts dream, with unbeatable prices. 

I was given the opportunity to try out some of these chokers and I have been wearing them with almost every outfit. Take a look:







Blush Velvet Choker 


Blush Velvet Choker 



Kimiko Petite Wrap Necklace



Mini O Seiki Choker 

My favorite so far is the gold Mini O Seiki choker. One of my favorite things to do is layer dainty necklaces and this one is perfect for just that. The blush velvet choker is a must have as well and adds the perfect pop to a monochromatic or funky look. 

Check out some of these chokers if you want to add a little spunk to your fall wardrobe:)

Meet you here again soon,


UltimateZen Etsy Shop:

Fringe Fever

Fringe Fever

Somehow almost a month ago I turned 21. What? How and why is time moving so quickly?! My birthday was nothing shy of amazing, however adjusting to the lifestyle of a 21 year old is definitely something my body has to work on. 

On this day that is August 18th, I also received the most amazing gift. It’s simply beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, perfectly cognac, and my new child. Yes, I am referring to a pocketbook.





I cannot BEGIN to explain the emotions that came over me when I opened this gift. It is THE most perfect pocketbook that I have ever laid my eyes on, and took me 3 weeks to build up the courage to take out of the box and into the real world. (No, I am not stable).Everything about this Saint Laurent bag screams classic, everlasting, and transitional.

One of the biggest trends that has been lingering for years now, and will remain for many more years to come, is fringe. I absolutely love the look of fringe and was so excited to see the fringe detail on either side of the bag. I decided to take it for a walk on the streets and take some pictures and I have to say, it looks just as beautiful behind a camera. 









One of my favorite parts of this bag is the fact it came with a crossbody strap. I LIVE for a crossbody bag and not having to carry the weight on my arm is something I am always on the hunt for. 

If you are in the market for a new bag, I highly recommend experimenting with fringe. It’s fun and adds some flare while still remaining sophisticated and simple. It’s the perfect enhancement on a bag without being too in your face. 

I found some amazing fringe bags that incorporate the fringe look for those gals out there looking for a new fall pocketbook. Take a look!

1. Free People Night Out Crossbody




2. Ecote Fringe Bucket Bag



3. Nasty Gal Leather Fringe Bag



4. Dixie Fringe Suede Fringe Crossbody Bag *(On sale, and featured in one of my latest blog posts! Love this bag, amazing quality)*



I love all of these bags not to mention their neutral colors that can go with any outfit you put on. Give them a look:)

Meet you here again soon,