Where have I Been?

Where have I Been?

A little shy of 5 months ago, I was throwing on my apron on Friday and Saturday nights, and serving the sometimes not always so friendly patrons of Newtown PA, burgers and fries. I did this for about six years, like clockwork. I didn’t know what it was like to not hustle hard during the week as a full-time student, and hustle even harder on the weekends trying to keep my savings account from dwindling.

Now today, those 5 months later… where am I you ask? Today, as a new college graduate I am living in New York City working at the corporate office of French Connection. These five months alone have been fast, crazy, and to be honest, all consuming. If I was writing this just for me I would get into the deep stuff; like the million moments that I thought I made a mistake and maybe rushed into this too quick, or even the overwhelming anxiety that made me feel lost and afraid- one too many times. You don’t see those parts on social media, do you?

While those things are okay to talk about, I want to take this somewhere else. More so for  someone else going through something similar, or for future me, wondering where the hell my head was at on October 14th 2018 at 23 years old.

I always knew that at some point in my life I would end up living in New York City. I wasn’t sure exactly would what bring me here, but I knew that someway somehow, I would be a “New Yorker”. Blame it on the Sex and The City marathons, or the RHONY binges, but I romanticized the city of New York in a way that’s hard to explain.

I think we all can agree that New York (everywhere except for Times Square, of course..) is magical, special, and unlike anywhere else in the world. It has an attraction that brings people in from all over the globe. Over the last few months, I have discovered the nooks and crannies of New York that make it so wonderful and enticing, with my own eyes.

However, in the beginning I also found that sometimes it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and that’s fine too. You’re allowed, and in fact it’s perfectly okay to be disappointed in what you thought was going to be some perfect nirvana. It doesn’t mean you have failed yourself or those around you, it just means you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and figuring out this whole life thing, one day at a time.

While working on simply “figuring it out” I have done a lot of talking to others around me about their experiences. I have been taking any advice I can get, just for some peace of mind that, that I am on the right path. I have learned quite a few things that have stuck with me…


Lesson #1: Do not listen to the good opinion and judgment of others, especially if they don’t know what is good for you the way YOU know what is good for you.


Lesson #2: You are not a failure because you took a risk and it didn’t work out. Failing would have not been taking that risk to begin with.


Lesson #3: We do not have to follow the life trajectory that has been mapped out for us by our peers. We can do whatever brings us the most happiness.

Lesson #4, and my personal favorite: You must honor your feelings, always.


I have often sat back and asked myself how I got here- and how it’s possible for these huge turning points in our lives that our parents tell us about when we were little, to get here so quickly, and suddenly you’re just living them out. I know they say time flies- but wow, time really does fly.


A man by the name of John Lennon once said:

“There’s no where you can be, that isn’t where you’re meant to be”.

John Lennon

I have always been a firm believer in the “whatever is meant to be will be” and the “everything happens for a reason” mentality. Where we are right now, is where we are meant to be at this given time in our lives. Questioning the path that took you there, or thinking too far ahead to the future is only going to ruin the NOW. As much as I hate to admit it, when I first got to New York, all I could think about was when I was going to get out. I was ruining what was my now, instead of doing things to change my mentality and “live my best life”.

I remember when I was in high school I was always the planner in my group of friends. I would organize get togethers, concerts, birthdays, you name it. I would constantly be butt hurt when someone would cancel, or the plans wouldn’t go exactly how I had set them. I just couldn’t understand why it couldn’t simply work out- the way I intended it to. After one of these instances, I recall someone telling me “you plan, God laughs”. Have you heard a truer statement? I mean, how many times in our lives have we planned, and planned, and planned, for our plans to fall through in the matter of an instant.

Just a few months ago, while struggling with my own happiness, I remember having a conversation with someone and telling them- “I don’t even feel that I have grown. I feel like I have taken 10 steps back while living here. I don’t feel any stronger of a person”. Although that was a short time ago, I completely disagree with that statement now, and that feels SO good to say. If you are at all interested in stepping out of your comfort zone, I promise you- New York is the place for that. I have been lucky enough to have traveled all throughout Europe in places that were once completely foreign to me, but I can honestly say, New York is a different animal. It FORCES you to grow.

I am in a place now after countless ugly crying sessions with my mom, and countless heart to hearts with those around me, that I am in fact on the right path. I am on MY path. I have found that spark within me again that has allowed me to enjoy those simple pleasures and realize that you truly cannot take this life or your precious time on this earth for granted. One day I am going to look back and be so mad at myself for the days and time I spent being anxious, sad, or worry some about those things out of my control. I have learned that success comes out of moments of crisis. I have learned that those dark times are just “an episode in an episodic life”.

So, there you have it. That is where I have been the last few months, figuring it out. Now, I plan on making my time in New York the absolute greatest it can be. The memories I have made already have brought me so much happiness, and I plan letting that continue *drops the mic*


*Nowwwww que the endless photos taken in Brooklyn*















Soap & Glory is a company SO near and dear to my heart. While abroad in London, literally every single single store I went into had the most beautiful display of their INCREDIBLE products. How I didn’t have an extra suitcase coming home of just Soap & Glory products is beyond me! Although a U.K. company, you can find their brand almost anywhere nowadays in the U.S., including Target and Walgreens, I MEAN WOW. 

I was so beyond excited to receive the most precious box from S&G, with so many amazing goodies inside! Lets take a look at what was in the box, shall we?


MY NEW FAVORITE HAND CREAM. Although Hand Food is one of my OG favorite products, – The Righteous Butter is hard to beat. My hands are so incredibly dry in the colder months that adding some hydration with this balm makes all of my problems slip away. Not to mention, it is so portable all you have to do is toss it in your makeup bag, and you are good to go.
I must say, very few things compare to facial/body mists. I don’t know if it is the convenience, or the luxurious and refreshing feeling.. but this one was just added to my collection. I have replaced my after the shower moisturizer for this bad boy and have been loving it. 
I am the type of person that always needs something on her lips. Whether it is my chapstick, or lip oil, I just need some sort of moisture! What more can you ask for then a product that offers gloss, moisture and plumping all in one…. you can’t! 
A look at all of the products that I have mentioned in this post. I would recommend any and all of these to anyone! This brand continues to amaze me, just check our their social media and you will feel the same way! Gotta love Soap & Glory ♥


Apologies for my absence last Tuesday, so much has been going on! Updates to come soon, I promise! See you next week!



Hi everyone!

This post is going to be a special one, and I can’t wait to finally talk about something so amazing that has been going on in my life.

It’s not often that you are confident on your career path as a mere elementary schooler, while spending your days learning basic multiplication and addition. However, ten-year-old me was an ambitious one, sketching designs, writing elaborate stories, and telling anyone and everyone around her that she was going to work in fashion one day.

I am grateful to that fearless young girl for leading to me to my present career path, now at 22 years old. 

Just like many soon to be college graduates, I realized rather quickly that graduation was creeping up on me (May 9th to be specific) and figuring out what my future was going to hold was probably something I should think about (just little things, ha)

For as long as I can remember, I knew that I would one day call New York my home. I would have a closet (ok maybe a storage unit at this point) that would impress even Carrie Bradshaw, a shoe collection that would call for some much needed therapy sessions, and I would make all of this a reality if it was the last thing I did! So, what do you know- its all happening.

When I say this all happened on a whim, I am not exaggerating. Within a short three week time span I went from no post graduation plans, to three back to back interviews in New York, to a job offer, to a start date, to a new apartment, and that is just the beginning. How I have not completely lost it yet, is truly beyond me. Ok- maybe I have… just a little. 

My new job is for a company that is near and dear to my heart, French Connection. While studying abroad I interned for French Connection’s sister company called Great Plains U.K. To say I am reminiscent would be a bit of an understatement! I am going to be working in wholesale with various department store accounts! I swear just in that single day, so many of my dreams came true, and I am still not over it.

So, your girl is moving to New York, which I have said aloud so many times now and each time it doesn’t feel real. I will be moving to Long Island City to be specific, in the most beautiful apartment! Naturally, one of the only things on my mind is getting to the decoration phase of the moving. I cannot wait to play and make it a cozy little home. Did I mention my BFF Amanda is my new roommate? Still not over it. Amanda- if you are reading this.. I LOVE YOU.

So many decor/inspo posts to come and I AM SO EXCITED I CANNOT EVEN CONTAIN MYSELF.

Cannot wait to take some amazing pictures in the city and share my journey all on the blog along the way. Thank you so much for reading:) xx



back to basics

back to basics

Welcome back to this weeks post! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend along with a joyous Passover! This week is another crazy one, heading back to New York tomorrow for a little something special. Still weary of sharing because I don’t want to jinx it, but soon enough, hopefully! 

I’m thinking of doing some blog posts talking about positivity and manifestation, would anyone be interested in something like that? I find that positivity/optimism is a topic I have most definitely battled with, but have worked through quite a bit. Sometime’s when life gets a little hectic we tend to become overcome with anxiety and emotion, thinking these problems are bigger than us. However- they aren’t, and it that has been such a rewarding realization. Anyway, let me know if you would be interested:)

Today- we are going back to basics.

When I say I wear gym clothes to school everyday, I am REALLY not exaggerating. Anyone else? However, those random days where I decide to throw on something other than Lululemon’s, I still require comfort. One of my favorite items I have ever invested in from Urban Outfitters, are these black velvet overalls. They. Are. Everything. Whether I throw on a T-shirt, mesh long sleeve, chunky sweater, the options are endless when it comes to styling them!

Thought I would show a quick outfit of the day that is effortless, simple, yet still put together. Hope you enjoy!



Velvet Overalls: Similar // Sunglasses: Ray Ban









What are your absolute go to’s when it comes to looking put together, with little effort? Would love to hear about your favorite outfits!

Thanks for reading peeps. Can’t wait for some fun posts coming up! 

So about Soho! Outfit of the day

So about Soho! Outfit of the day

New York we meet again, and quite possibly for a longer time next go around (hehe, big things happening.. but too early to share). 

A couple weeks ago I randomly applied for Jimmy Fallon tickets, and what do you know.. I GOT THEM! So, I called up my two best frands, got some brunch, hit the town.. and obviously had a photoshoot in the New York streets. I mean… you and I both know that every single street in New York makes for the perfect backdrop. Maybe that’s why I love it so much?

Below are some of my favorite photos we took. I remember walking the streets this day feeling so incredibly inspired. Do you ever just witness your manifestations fall into place right in front of your eyes? Well they are, and although scary.. it is so exciting!

I would also like to thank my friend Amanda for lending me this fabulous faux pink fur jacket. It was everything I needed and then some. 


On to the outfit of the day! Outfit details located below the first photo:) Enjoy!


Pink Fur Jacket: Gap // Leopard Pants: (similar) // White Booties: (similar)




















Can you tell I like this place?! Thinking about doing an updated skincare routine for my next post.. thoughts? 





I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a list of the top brunch spots and bars in New York on the notes app in my phone… mostly courtesy of the New York blogger gals I follow that are always brunching at the hippest spots. So you best believe they are on my list, and I will be checking them off! 

SO, if you are anything like me, you tend to get overwhelmed with a plethora of choices in front of you (especially when they involve food, I mean C’MON). With that, I decided today’s post is going to be a little review of two trendy spots that I stopped at while in the city yesterday. Are they worth the hype and the cute Instagram, or can we save our money and go to the deli? 

 While exploring the big apple yesterday (also saw Jimmy Fallon and I will be marrying that man), I also stopped for brunch at a coveted New York gem that gets SO much hype all over social media, The Butchers Daughter.

But before that, we stopped at a little place called Dr. Smood, which is a little health and wellness coffee and sandwich shop. 

Let us get on to the review, shall we? Also- let me know if you like this type of post!














The Butchers Daughter, was absolutely delicious! As you can see from the fabulous photos above, our meal consisted of some vegan and gluten free mac & cheese (to die for), an avocado and veggie salad, and egg salad vegetable toast. Oh, and how can I forget the blood orange mimosa that I am drooling over as we speak. 

What I will say- is that the portions were pretty small. If you go there starving, there is a good chance you won’t leave feeling completely satisfied (thankful to my past self for packing protein bars with me in my bag). However, if you go there for a quick bite to eat with some friends and you are looking for something light, it is your spot. Not to mention, the food came out SO fast, and tasted SO good. 








You may be wondering why exactly this cup of so called coffee is a beautiful magenta color.. and for that I have four words: Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. If you don’t understand that reference, well.. I just can’t help you.

Yes, you heard me right, this drink was MADE OUT OF BEETS. BEETS. YES BEETS. I’m not sure if this drink requires personal taste, but I truly hated it, so much. In fact, the thought of it makes me slightly ill (sorry for the dramatics but it is true).

In addition to this pink drink, I got myself a simple cappuccino, in which I wanted to make a bit sweeter, and they had no sweetener what so ever in this place, which I was very bothered by! If you are a health nut and love trying new things, I would stop by to see if beets are to your liking, otherwise.. I don’t know that I would stop by expecting a simple cup of joe!

That’s all for now friends, can’t wait to show you all of the amazing photos that were taken yesterday in New York.. next Tuesday!



 Although I like to think of myself as a social butterfly, there is really nothing I love more than being by myself in the comfort of my little space. Anyone else? 

Ever since I was little, I would change and transform my room whenever boredom would strike me. Whether that meant painting the walls, drawing on the walls, moving my bed around… anything!

After basically going through the entire spectrum of the rainbow on my walls, a few years ago I finally decided to go classic and get the walls painted a creamy white, along with some white carpets. Yes, white carpets is risky business… I don’t recommend. Since then, I have somewhat turned into a minimalist and love my clean and organized little space. 

I have always been a creative gal and love starting little projects. Although, i’ll admit I don’t always finish them. I’m not sure if it was the random 70 degree day we had a few weeks ago or WHAT.. but I once more got the urge to give my room a bit of a transformation. This time, it was straight DIY (do it yourself) style!

It all started when I decided that I wanted to get rid of the black and white tapestry taking up the main wall in my room. However, the tapestry was sort of masking the fact that my bed is without a headboard. So, that was the first order of business. 

My first thought was to head to the thrift store, which was a fail. Although I did find some headboards, they were extremely dated and would require loads of work to get them from their old fashioned wood to a stark white! So, this is where I write a thank you letter to my dad, who is probably not reading this. 


I have to give this one all up to my dad, because he took the time and effort to construct me my very own headboard! I LOVE IT. If I am being honest I have zero idea how this came to be, but I believe it involved two giant pieces of wood that got nailed together? No? I tried. It was then painted white and given a nice molding to finish it off. 





After scrolling through Pinterest for days, I decided to make myself my own little terrarium (basically). I wanted my room to still have the clean and classic look, with a little something extra. I contemplated different ways to go about achieving this look, one involving finding a branch outside and hanging the flowers off of it, but that was a no go. So, I although this may look rather difficult, it wasn’t at all! You will probably need an extra helping hand however (thanks mamma). 

I ran over to Michaels Craft Store, and wasn’t expecting to find the strands of flowers already made! I was fully expecting to buy individual flowers and have to mend them together myself, but I was happily mistaken.

I decided to stick with a somewhat neutral color scheme consisting of pink, lavender and white… but the options were endless! I went through and cut the strands to the appropriate length, and used both halves throughout the wall. I do recommend buying a few more than you may originally think because I had to run back to grab more.

Measure out where you want your flowers to go, screw in some s hooks, and hang your flowers! It’s as easy as that!






Can’t forget the twinkle lights around my headboard, simply the best part. 


I love a nice photo gallery. I watched so many room tours on YouTube on the search for inspo, and kinda used a mixture of them all. I decided on these print outs below ↓

If you want to accomplish this transformation in an in expensive way like I did, then you can simply print these out yourself, rather than spending the money for hard print outs from Etsy (or anywhere else).

Believe it or not, I had some trouble finding white frames! I tried painting black ones, but they didn’t turn out as planned. Eventually however, my mom found these bad boys for me! Yay this is my gallery wall!




Now, i’m basically finished.. however spring cleaning is still on my list of things to do. Ugh, anyone else dreading it as much as I am!?