Welcome to, the girls room

PSA: If you didn’t understand the reference in the title… i’m disappointed in you. 

Oh hey there! Happy Tuesday peeps! Coming at ya live, with a new fashion post featuring only affordable clothing! Side note- I have found that most of the time, the exact pieces I am wearing are no longer available.. so in that case I do some research to find similar styles! Not to mention, most of the time they are on sale for KILLER deals, which pains me considering I most likely paid full price. 


Before I move on I want to quickly make an announcement about my new blogging schedule. In the past, I would only post when I had time, which lead to inconsistency and lack of posts. NO MORE OF THAT NONSENSE AM I RIGHT. So, as of now every Tuesday I will have a new blog post out! The topics will vary from fashion, beauty, health, fitness, you name it. I am really looking forward to all of these fun posts to come, and I hope you are too! Also, suggestions would be more than appreciated!

On to the post!


When planning this shoot, my friend Nicole and I wanted vibrant and fun scenery. We wanted neon signs, fun backdrops, the whole nine, and we got just that! All of these photos were taken in Wildwood New Jersey, which if you have ever been there, i’m sure this will make a lot of sense.

I remember running to the mall the day before this shoot thinking, I want something trendy yet affordable to make for some really cool photos. More times than not, you really do not have to break the bank at Urban to get the trendy look you’re going for. I’m living proof!


Graphic Tee: Forever 21 (similar) // Red Pleather Skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // White Shoes: Bershka London (similar).





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