Tell me something more important than finding the perfect pair of snakeskin booties. I have really tried to ponder this yet nothing seems to come to mind. 

My fellow fashion loving friend Nicole, and myself (check out her blog) have been on the search for some snakeskin booties. However, not breaking the bank was also a goal of ours. Who comes to the rescue of course?! Free People. 

I know what you’re thinking. How can not breaking the bank and Free People be in the same sentence? Sales, sales, sales. A few weeks back Free People was having an extra 50% off of their sale section, and I picked up snakeskin booties, a fringe bag, and an awesome belt for SO CHEAP. I was living. Check it √


Beautiful right!? This sparked such inspiration within me and I just knew what had to be done. A back to school lookbook that is! I am slightly broken hearted to even mutter the words back to school, but that time is among us we need to face it head on!

Every outfit was focused around these snakeskin booties and I LOVE the way these looks came out. The amazing James Conley took these photos and I highly recommend checking out his website as well as his Instagram for more great stuff —> philatawgrapher.

Let us get into the lookbook shall we!

Look 1:

Clearly all about those neutrals. For both of our looks, we kept it simple with black jeans with rips at the knees. Nicole is sporting a throwback Harley Davidson off the shoulder crop top with AMAZING Free People sunnies that I need in my life despite my oddly shaped head. To finish it off, of course the bejeweled belt and snakeskin booties. 

For myself, I wore my new favorite LF inspired tee with the ties going all the way down the front. Its super long so I tucked it into the front of the jeans so that the belt would still be visible. I wore my black Topshop choker as well as my metallic sunglasses from Forever 21.

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley



Look 2:  

Still keeping things quite neutral. For this look, Nicole and I still decided to let the shoes do the talking, I mean.. look at em. Nicole paired a black see through chiffon top with the same pants and belt, while I threw on my classic Urban Outfitters tee that is so slouchy and comfortable. 

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley

Look 3: 

My personal favorite look. Yes it is a bit more on the wild side, but sometimes you just have to step out of the box even if it is for a school day.. (coming from the girl who wears workout clothes everyday, woops). For this look I paired my new Forever 21 red slightly bell sleeved top with the classic black jeans. 

As you can see, every look changes one item, which is the top. You can completely transform an outfit by simply changing one item and not breaking the bank. A pair of black jeans can go a really long way! The choker, belt, shoes and sunglasses remained the same:)

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley


Bonus Look 4: !!TREND ALERT!!

More of the lady in red. After laying all of my outfits out I realized I had beige and red in front of me. I’m not exactly sure how that happened but hey let’s go with it. I found this amazing blazer vest just a few days ago on sale at Lord and Taylor. I’ve seen these vests everywhere and absolutely love the way I’ve seen them styled. I may or may not have also purchased it in white…

I threw on a black tight tank with the vest right on top. Not only does this give off a sophisticated feel, but it was very lightweight and comfortable. Not to mention it can be styled so many ways and bring you well into the colder seasons.

Photo By: James Conley


Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley

Ending it off with my favorite photo with this beauty! So excited about this collab blog post with Nicole. Be sure to check out her blog post coming very soon including more pics from this fabulous, yet 1000 degree day.

Meet you here again soon,


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