Sephora VIB- What did I get?

Sephora VIB- What did I get?

Every makeup junkie knows, taking part in the Sephora Rouge/VIB sale is simply a must. One of the very few times a year that Sephora offers a twenty percent discount on everything. Making it the perfect time to stock up on all essentials, try new things, get started on holiday shopping, and splurge on that clarisonic you’ve had your eye on. 

Before taking part in this sale, I did SO much research. Of course I had run out of all my products at once (just my luck) which required me to basically refill my everyday essentials, which included foundation, primer, skincare, etc. Yes my wallet is still crying. 

I also wanted to make sure I was fully stocked being that I leave for London in a short two months. *Acts as if there are no stores in London, using that as an excuse to keep Sephora in business and buy everything* BUT ACTUALLY.. the twenty percent makes a difference and you bet your bottom dollar I took advantage of that.

I added a bunch of items that I planned on getting in my cart on the Sephora app, just so when I went into the store I wouldn’t be overwhelmed and at a loss of what to get. I also had a great employee helping me who made the process really easy and informative.

On to the products: 

Primer: Cover FX Mattifying Primer- (originally tried the Smashbox poreless primer but it made me breakout, so I exchanged it for this one but have not tried it yet).


Foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation– Love this stuff. I have very oily skin and although this foundation is hydrating, it’s also long lasting and keeps the oil at bay. It’s buildable coverage, however I like to apply it with a beauty blender to simply even out my skin tone and then I am good to go! LOVE IT.



Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder– Finished my mini version, so I upgraded! This product is definitely pricey, but I love setting my makeup with it and “baking”, it definitely helps to keep me matte which is my number one priority when it comes to a powder. 


Skincare: Kate Somerville Cult Favorites Kit-  I’ve experimented with these slowly so my skin doesn’t go into shock with the change of season mixed with new products and so far so good. I’m trying to use my old products down to the core which I just about did before really diving into these. However, the reviews are AMAZING and this value is pretty insane. It’s no longer available on Sephora but Kate Somerville offers the same product on her site. 



Setting Spray: Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray-  Haven’t tried this yet but figured I would give it a go. 



Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil-  LOVE this product. The perfect finisher for cleaner looking brows. The lady helping me told me to go for the golder shade and I’m so happy I did. I definitely recommend this product.



Brows: Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade- Already had this product in my collection, however I couldn’t use it because it was way too light. So I brought it back and exchanged it for soft brown and I have incorporated it back into my routine along with my new Benefit Brow Pencil. 



Eyeliner: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner- Purchased my first high end liquid eyeliner after years of sticking to drugstore. Haven’t tried it out yet, however I have heard amazing things about this one and decided to give it a go. 



* Also bought a cute little set of beauty blender dupes but I can’t find them on Sephora’s site*

So curious as to what other people purchased during this glorious sale. 

What did you buy and what are some of your all time favs from Sephora?! Let me know below♥

Meet you here again soon,


Fall Fever With Wanderess World

Fall Fever With Wanderess World

Fall is in the air, or at least I thought it was before mother nature sprung 83 degrees our way. 

There are few things better than fall fashion, one of them being the infinite pumpkin flavored items that are stocked on every stores shelves (this was proven to be true when I tried pumpkin flavored tortilla chips and macaroons for the first time WOW). 

I find the best season to experiment with fashion ends up being the fall. The weather is just right and our favorite stores finally get their heads back in the game and hand us coveted trends on a silver platter. 

One of my favorite humans that I have mentioned too many times to count; Nicole, was dressed in the THE perfect fall outfit. OUTFIT OF THE DAY TIME LEZ DO IT.


For this look Nicole is wearing  ⇓⇓

Frayed & ripped skinny jeans, paired with an off the shoulder quarter sleeve top both from Urban Outfitters, open toed nude booties from Dolce Vita for Target, a patterned orange scarf from India, and all da jewels from Free People mixed with Urban.




I mean…. need I say more???







If you are unsure of how to handle fall fashion, have no fear. Finding the basics is the most important step, and then from there Zara is your playground. Having a good pair of ripped jeans can take you a really long way. Not to mention nude booties can take you from school, to dinner to a night out on the town. 

Being that fall fashion is my favorite, I am SO excited for future outfit posts. I haven’t been online shopping instead of sleeping just for shits and giggles ya know. 

Also, shout out to my badass blondie girlfrand Nicole for allowing me to take an aggressive amount of photos of her. Check out Nicole on her blog, Wanderess World as well as her Instagram

Meet you here again soon:)


Lets talk: Colourpop

Lets talk: Colourpop

Well I finally did it. I let my will power (that I never really had to begin with) disappear into thin air as I placed my order with Colourpop #onlineshoppingaddictionstillgoingstrong.

 Quite frankly, I am not sure why it took me so long to do so!

I placed an order with Colourpop during their Labor Day promotion (if you spent a certain amount you would get a certain number of items free) and of course I spent the amount that allowed me to get all 5 items for free #prayforsami2016.

I was SO unbelievably excited to receive my order in the mail and it’s safe to say it completely exceeded my expectations. 


Let’s get into what I purchased shall we?!


Sequin, La La, Tang, Stereo, Nillionaire



Swatches top to bottom: Flexitarian Face Highlighter, La La Eyeshadow, Sequin Eyeshadow


Above NO FLASH, below FLASH



Lippie Stix top to bottom: Brink, Bound, Tootsi, Lumiere  

Ultra Matte Lip top to bottom: Viper, Love Bug, Time Square, Notion




Ultra Matte Lip top to bottom: Times Square, Notion, Viper, Love Bug



Let’s talk:

I have to say, after experimenting with some of these products I’M IN LOVE. I am not only blown away by the price (nothing was more than 8 dollars), but the quality compares and beats some of my higher end makeup. 

The Lippie Stix in particular are my favorites. I am not one to throw on a lip product and go on my merry way, mostly because I usually stop at chapstick. However, the Lippie Stix are incredibly light weight while giving you the perfect amount of color. Not to mention, they are so moisturizing. 

The eyeshadows and highlighter are so buttery and smooth and you couldn’t ask for better color pay off, especially at the price AM I RIGHT LADIES. 

If you are lacking in the eyeshadow, lip or highlighter department I would highly recommend checking out Colourpop! Just in time for fall ♥ 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Many more to come:)

Meet you here again soon,


What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

If you read one of my latest blog posts, you would know that I received a gorgeous Saint Laurent handbag for my birthday. (If you haven’t read it go check it out here). Being that I showed you the outside I thought it was only right to show you the inside as well.



I am an avid watcher of Youtube, and one of my favorite videos to binge watch has always been “what’s in my bag” videos. There is just something about seeing what another girl keeps in her handbag that intrigues me. Plus, I’m nosy when it comes to this stuff and love getting ideas for myself.

Whenever I get a new bag, the first thing I want to do is organize it. In most circumstances it doesn’t remain that pristine for long, but this bag is WAY too special to me for me to allow it to get cluttered (if you opened up my suitcase sized Longchamp you would discover that I am in fact a hoarder). 

So what is in my bag you ask? Lets see!


I like to keep a makeup bag to store all of those items we find ourselves needing throughout the day. I am THAT girl that has a life supply of Advil, floss, probably a first aid kit, 97 bandaids, probably a blow dryer and maybe even a game of Twister. Who knows man.


In my makeup bag: spare contact case, eye drops, Advil, floss (not kidding I am literally a lunatic), First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy, mini Wet Brush, DKNY rollerball perfume, Burts Bees Chapstick, Pacifica Blood Orange hand lotion, Tarte large powder brush, Makeup Forever HD Matifying powder, Elf Blotting Sheets, Chanel Mascara, Sephora Mirror, Orbit gum, Colourpop Lippie Stix 


My new little babes that I just found, from Forever 21. Mirrored lenses (that look black in this photo) with clear frames that I have been searching for for SO long.


My personal “Oh Shit Kit” that has been the perfect storage for coupons, gift cards and receipts that I don’t want to lose! (Thank you Dara) (Purchased on Etsy)


Not shown: Wallet & phone, but those are a given! What do you keep in your bag? I hope you enjoyed♥


Meet you here again soon,

– Sami 




Let us snack: Graze

Let us snack: Graze

If you are a student, person on the go, or just an all around snack lover like myself, Graze is about to become your new best friend.

Living a healthy lifestyle is so incredibly important to me and keeping up with it while going from class to class tends to be a struggle that I’ve been working to fix. Not to mention, snacking can become quite dangerous if you’re not reaching for the right ones. 

Not only are these snacks portion controlled so you can’t over indulge like most of us do on a roll of Oreos, but the options are endless. When I say endless I mean over 100 snacks to choose from aka regardless if you have a sweet tooth or a salty tooth, you’re set. 

I was sent a box of amazing snacks from Graze to try, and spent this week doing just that! Let’s take a look:)






1. Kettle Corn Kern Pops 2. Protein Cashew Kick 3. Zesty Lime & Red Pepper Salsa with Pita Chips 4. Cocoa & Vanilla Protein Flapjack



5. Hazelnut, peanut, cranberry & raisin mix 6. Strawberries and Cream Granola Topper 7. Pumpkin & Sunflower Soy Roasted Seeds 8.Almond, Carrot & Apple mix


HOW good do these snacks look!? Like I said, this last week I spent time trying out these snacks for myself. So here are some of my favorites ↓

Cocoa & Vanilla Flapjack– SO good. The perfect pre workout snack and reminded me of cocoa krispies from my childhood days *sigh*

Protein Cashew Kick- If you like yourself a nice trail mix, you will definitely enjoy this one. The dried chickpeas were my favorite part not to mention it has got quite a kick to it if you like spicy food!

Kettle Corn Kern Pop– Need I say more?

Strawberries & Cream Protein Granola Topper- Great for on top of some yogurt, or by itself as a snack!


Those were just a few of my favorites out of this Graze box. Who doesn’t love snacking? Be sure to check out Graze and try out a box of your own!!


Meet you here again soon,


Standouts of September

Standouts of September

It has been way too long since I’ve talked about my current favorites. So what better day than today!? I feel like I’ve dabbled quite a bit with some cool items and have accumulated a few new favs from fashion, to beauty to music that I would love to share! (Warning: these are incredibly random). 

Sidenote: You know it’s been a successful month when you discover a new podcast (In the Dark) and finally pick up a book after way too much time using Netflix as a time passer (this is what happens when you break the sound on your computer and have no other choice). 

On to the favorites ♥♥


TJ Maxx Rose Planner • Beauty Blender Duplicate (TJ Maxx) • Lululemon Align Crop Leggings Maybelline Better Skin Foundation • OPI Mod About You • Girl On The Train Book • Weekend- Mac Miller ft. Miguel • Cool Girl- Tove Lo • Bad Remix- Wale ft. Rihanna • Colourpop Lippie Stix • Conair Infiniti Curling Iron • In The Dark Podcast 


What are your current favs? Let a girl know! Also- on the search for my next book and podcast so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear it.


This amazing little post from celebrity journalist Keltie Knight, on an article I had written for my internship with The Odyssey that is now posted on The Ladygang website:) High key one of the best moments ever. Check it out! ↓


Meet you here again soon,


Fringe Fever

Fringe Fever

Somehow almost a month ago I turned 21. What? How and why is time moving so quickly?! My birthday was nothing shy of amazing, however adjusting to the lifestyle of a 21 year old is definitely something my body has to work on. 

On this day that is August 18th, I also received the most amazing gift. It’s simply beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, perfectly cognac, and my new child. Yes, I am referring to a pocketbook.





I cannot BEGIN to explain the emotions that came over me when I opened this gift. It is THE most perfect pocketbook that I have ever laid my eyes on, and took me 3 weeks to build up the courage to take out of the box and into the real world. (No, I am not stable).Everything about this Saint Laurent bag screams classic, everlasting, and transitional.

One of the biggest trends that has been lingering for years now, and will remain for many more years to come, is fringe. I absolutely love the look of fringe and was so excited to see the fringe detail on either side of the bag. I decided to take it for a walk on the streets and take some pictures and I have to say, it looks just as beautiful behind a camera. 









One of my favorite parts of this bag is the fact it came with a crossbody strap. I LIVE for a crossbody bag and not having to carry the weight on my arm is something I am always on the hunt for. 

If you are in the market for a new bag, I highly recommend experimenting with fringe. It’s fun and adds some flare while still remaining sophisticated and simple. It’s the perfect enhancement on a bag without being too in your face. 

I found some amazing fringe bags that incorporate the fringe look for those gals out there looking for a new fall pocketbook. Take a look!

1. Free People Night Out Crossbody




2. Ecote Fringe Bucket Bag



3. Nasty Gal Leather Fringe Bag



4. Dixie Fringe Suede Fringe Crossbody Bag *(On sale, and featured in one of my latest blog posts! Love this bag, amazing quality)*



I love all of these bags not to mention their neutral colors that can go with any outfit you put on. Give them a look:)

Meet you here again soon,





Tell me something more important than finding the perfect pair of snakeskin booties. I have really tried to ponder this yet nothing seems to come to mind. 

My fellow fashion loving friend Nicole, and myself (check out her blog) have been on the search for some snakeskin booties. However, not breaking the bank was also a goal of ours. Who comes to the rescue of course?! Free People. 

I know what you’re thinking. How can not breaking the bank and Free People be in the same sentence? Sales, sales, sales. A few weeks back Free People was having an extra 50% off of their sale section, and I picked up snakeskin booties, a fringe bag, and an awesome belt for SO CHEAP. I was living. Check it √


Beautiful right!? This sparked such inspiration within me and I just knew what had to be done. A back to school lookbook that is! I am slightly broken hearted to even mutter the words back to school, but that time is among us we need to face it head on!

Every outfit was focused around these snakeskin booties and I LOVE the way these looks came out. The amazing James Conley took these photos and I highly recommend checking out his website as well as his Instagram for more great stuff —> philatawgrapher.

Let us get into the lookbook shall we!

Look 1:

Clearly all about those neutrals. For both of our looks, we kept it simple with black jeans with rips at the knees. Nicole is sporting a throwback Harley Davidson off the shoulder crop top with AMAZING Free People sunnies that I need in my life despite my oddly shaped head. To finish it off, of course the bejeweled belt and snakeskin booties. 

For myself, I wore my new favorite LF inspired tee with the ties going all the way down the front. Its super long so I tucked it into the front of the jeans so that the belt would still be visible. I wore my black Topshop choker as well as my metallic sunglasses from Forever 21.

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley



Look 2:  

Still keeping things quite neutral. For this look, Nicole and I still decided to let the shoes do the talking, I mean.. look at em. Nicole paired a black see through chiffon top with the same pants and belt, while I threw on my classic Urban Outfitters tee that is so slouchy and comfortable. 

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley

Look 3: 

My personal favorite look. Yes it is a bit more on the wild side, but sometimes you just have to step out of the box even if it is for a school day.. (coming from the girl who wears workout clothes everyday, woops). For this look I paired my new Forever 21 red slightly bell sleeved top with the classic black jeans. 

As you can see, every look changes one item, which is the top. You can completely transform an outfit by simply changing one item and not breaking the bank. A pair of black jeans can go a really long way! The choker, belt, shoes and sunglasses remained the same:)

Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley


Bonus Look 4: !!TREND ALERT!!

More of the lady in red. After laying all of my outfits out I realized I had beige and red in front of me. I’m not exactly sure how that happened but hey let’s go with it. I found this amazing blazer vest just a few days ago on sale at Lord and Taylor. I’ve seen these vests everywhere and absolutely love the way I’ve seen them styled. I may or may not have also purchased it in white…

I threw on a black tight tank with the vest right on top. Not only does this give off a sophisticated feel, but it was very lightweight and comfortable. Not to mention it can be styled so many ways and bring you well into the colder seasons.

Photo By: James Conley


Photo By: James Conley
Photo By: James Conley

Ending it off with my favorite photo with this beauty! So excited about this collab blog post with Nicole. Be sure to check out her blog post coming very soon including more pics from this fabulous, yet 1000 degree day.

Meet you here again soon,


Summertime, and the Livin’s Easy

Summertime, and the Livin’s Easy

Ah, glorious summer. The most convenient season of the year, where limited clothing is always better and rompers are a girls very best friend. I cherish a good romper when I find one, and love having plenty to chose from at my fingertips. My latest shopping sprees have been based around this wonderful piece of clothing, and I have successfully found a few that I love! 

Today however, I am going to be talking about one in particular. I found it for under 20 dollars at Forever 21, (YES, Forever 21!!). It is possible to find some good pieces there, despite my streak of bad luck.

This romper caught my eye because of the blue and white color scheme which has always been so appealing to me. The colors together are so clean and beautiful. Secondly, the cut of the romper. It did a nice job hugging my waist while the shorts remained flowy and comfortable. What is the best part you ask? You can’t forget about that plunging neckline! This adds such a nice touch of skin and makes it a little more risque.

Take a look!










For this look, I kept my hair out of my face by having Tali (thank you) put my hair in a bun with some nice braids. Paired with my mirrored sunglasses and glowy makeup, this was a perfect summer outfit. I added my jeweled hamsa choker which added the perfect amount of pazzaz.







Now onto Talis look!


Sticking to the blue and white theme of course (yes this was July 4th) Tali incorporated the same color scheme but in a very different way. 

Tali sported another Forever 21 piece, this time it being a dress. Paired with a cream lace bralette, and red lips, it was the perfect look. For accessories, the mirrored sunglasses were a staple of course, as well as the head chain with the french braids which added a very unique and unexpected little twist (you go gurl I miss you). 








Summer is the perfect time to be carefree with your outfit choices, so why not do just that!?

Bonus outfit?! Heck yes. Took some pics of this look so thought I would include just a few. Here, I am wearing a flower embroidered mesh bikini top with my new favorite pants. These pants are suppppper flowy and comfy. Not to mention the beautiful tie dye which never fails to appear in my closet each Summer. The bathing suit top is from Target, and the pants are from a local boutique. If you’re headed out, throwing on a white tee would make for the perfect look, unless you are hanging around poolside of course… a bathing suit top will do:)








More posts are on their way.. from skincare, to fitness, to more fashion! I hope you enjoyed.

Meet you here again SOON!


So fresh, so clean.

So fresh, so clean.

Summer is the ultimate time to break out those white kicks. White shoes are all the rage right now and I can’t say that I haven’t purchased a few myself. These two pairs in particular are the best options for the summertime and can be paired with absolutely everything! Take a look.


  1. White Nike Roshes– I have been lusting over all white roshes for the longest time and finally decided to grab them! I love how fresh and clean they are not to mention they are so comfortable. They go with everything and are the perfect pair of sneakers to throw on with a casual outfit, or even to catch your workout in.




2. White Birkenstocks– Saw that these “beach” birkenstocks were being released while scrolling through social media and then found them at Nordstrom. They have a variety of colors like red, blue, black etc. However I fell in love with the white. I have been wearing these nonstop and they are so comfortable. Not to mention they are a fraction of the price of normal birkenstocks. Got these bad boys for 35 dollars!!!



There is a really good chance i’ll be living in these two pairs of shoes all summer long. What shoes are you living in this summer!?

Catch ya here next time,