See It With Sami

There is a whole world surrounding us that is filled with an overwhelming amount of light and inspiration. It varies for everyone, understandably so. For me, it is the world of fashion, beauty and everything in between. It is the source of inspiration that I use to guide me to my future. Without any hesitation I have been able to say for years now, that my career will be one surrounded by all of the things I love. It just so happens it is a beaming industry that will never ever slow its pace, which I am ready for. Over the last couple years I have been capturing my take on style, makeup and everything in the middle by a little thing called a photo shoot. Yes, it is done five minutes away from my house with a Cannon power shot camera, but it is my little gateway into a place I love so much. My best friend and I start preparing early in the morning, going all out. We take our time doing our hair, and my personal favorite our makeup. Then, we pick out our outfits. What about that doesn’t sound fun? Over the years we have gathered some amazing pictures that truly showcase our personal style which I love looking back on. In addition, we simply watch ourselves grow. However, I never fail to cringe looking back at the old pictures. I have watched my style grow as well as myself. From vintage handbags hand picked from old thrift stores, to wearing 5 inch heels at 14 that I could barely stand up in, I have captured this all at the flash of a picture.

3 thoughts on “See It With Sami

  1. This is probably the most eye catching, beautiful blog I’ve ever seen. It is filled with passion and excitement. I can’t wait to read more about Sami and hopefully see more pictures of her work. I feel like I already know her.

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    1. It sounds to me that you inherited your passion for style from your beloved Poppy. I know you’ll be successful in whatever field you choose.

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