All That Glitters…

Aside from my love for all things fashion related, my love for beauty and makeup is stronger than ever. When people ask me how I “learned” how to do makeup or where I picked up this knack, I honestly do not really know what to say.

The only thing I can think of, is being shown a video on Youtube of a girl by the name of Blair showing her makeup collection. Little did I know she was showing this collection to the hundreds and thousands of girls subscribed to her channel. I remember watching that video and being in complete awe of the amount of makeup she had. I was also shocked to see that there was a whole beauty community out there on the internet that I knew nothing about.

From that moment on, I subscribed to every beauty channel I could find. I quickly found myself glued to my computer screen, watching every single stroke of the Mac 224 brush as the girl on the other side of the computer was teaching me how to do a smokey eye. I was absolutely addicted. I watched people like Kandee Johnson, Blair Fowler, Michelle Phan, and Whatstyleistonickel religiously.

So, I guess to answer that question, Youtube drove me to this new found love that I now get to call a passion of mine. From that moment forward I ended up at Mac counters, and Sephora stores spending money I did not have, on makeup that I coveted… and still do. Not many things compare to a brand new Mac eyeshadow (I guess those are words of an addict)

Anyway, I started accumulating a “collection” and I really did not realize this until friends came over and stared at my eight drawers filled to the brim with makeup wondering if they had to check me into some kind of rehab. I can honestly say makeup, and the beauty industry in general grew to be one of the greater parts of growing up and discovering my love for this industry.

I remember sitting in my room, with my lights beaming off of my hot pink walls, using that as my source of light, and taking my eye makeup on and off until I was blue in the face. I forced my friends to let me practice on them, and I would never forget to take a million pictures. Soon enough I found myself doing makeup for junior proms, senior proms, Bat Mitzvahs and everything in between. I became so fond of the feeling of someone looking in the mirror and loving what they saw back.

IMG_5267 IMG_5431 IMG_5443 IMG_5445 IMG_5450 IMG_5687 IMG_5802

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