What’s In My Bag?

If you read one of my latest blog posts, you would know that I received a gorgeous Saint Laurent handbag for my birthday. (If you haven’t read it go check it out here). Being that I showed you the outside I thought it was only right to show you the inside as well.



I am an avid watcher of Youtube, and one of my favorite videos to binge watch has always been “what’s in my bag” videos. There is just something about seeing what another girl keeps in her handbag that intrigues me. Plus, I’m nosy when it comes to this stuff and love getting ideas for myself.

Whenever I get a new bag, the first thing I want to do is organize it. In most circumstances it doesn’t remain that pristine for long, but this bag is WAY too special to me for me to allow it to get cluttered (if you opened up my suitcase sized Longchamp you would discover that I am in fact a hoarder). 

So what is in my bag you ask? Lets see!


I like to keep a makeup bag to store all of those items we find ourselves needing throughout the day. I am THAT girl that has a life supply of Advil, floss, probably a first aid kit, 97 bandaids, probably a blow dryer and maybe even a game of Twister. Who knows man.


In my makeup bag: spare contact case, eye drops, Advil, floss (not kidding I am literally a lunatic), First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy, mini Wet Brush, DKNY rollerball perfume, Burts Bees Chapstick, Pacifica Blood Orange hand lotion, Tarte large powder brush, Makeup Forever HD Matifying powder, Elf Blotting Sheets, Chanel Mascara, Sephora Mirror, Orbit gum, Colourpop Lippie Stix 


My new little babes that I just found, from Forever 21. Mirrored lenses (that look black in this photo) with clear frames that I have been searching for for SO long.


My personal “Oh Shit Kit” that has been the perfect storage for coupons, gift cards and receipts that I don’t want to lose! (Thank you Dara) (Purchased on Etsy)


Not shown: Wallet & phone, but those are a given! What do you keep in your bag? I hope you enjoyed♥


Meet you here again soon,

– Sami 




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