Notting Hill

A day spent surrounded by pastel colored houses is always a good day♥


Naturally the day started off with an unexpected brunch/linner at Farm Girl Cafe. If you are making your way to London I highly recommend stopping by this trendy little cafe for some acai goodness and berry pancakes with amber maple syrup (not to mention they are gluten free). 


Probably taking a photo of the glorious food in front of me. Actually I was, 100%

Notting Hill couldn’t be cuter. I would imagine when it warms up a bit the Portobello Market is crowded and their is more to do, but if you want to see some cute colorful homes that are worth more than your entire family including extended then I recommend. 


Saw an available curb, figured I should take a photo per usual. I have discovered it’s my go to, but if it works then it works, ya know?











Went back to Portobello Market on a warm and sunny day and it was AMAZING. 10/10 Recommend.


Meet you here again soon,



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