Daring With Denim

What is more classic than a denim jacket? I have been looking for the ultimate denim jacket for some time now.. but I REFUSE to pay 50 dollars for a distressed denim jacket that I could make myself. Plus.. I wanted do something a little funky with my denim jacket. PATCH IT UP!

I’ve seen some bomb patched denim jackets all over Tumblr and was dying to have one of my own. I figured the only thing I would need was a denim jacket and some patches, and I was right!

SO… if you care to make one of these bad boys for yourself, keep reading!


Firstly, head out to your local thrift store and search for that denim jacket! I went to a local thrift store and found one pretty easily which I was actually kind of surprised about. It was $7.99! Holler for a dollar am I right!

Next, the fun part.

So, luckily patches are kind of a thing right now and you can find them at places like Michaels Craft Store & Jo-Ann Fabrics. This was super convenient considering I am a person that needs to complete something once I have an idea in my head. So I headed on out to both stores and picked up some sick patches that I thought would totally personalize my jacket.

I also found some really cool ones on Amazon and Etsy and ordered those. I feel like this is a project that will be never ending, and I kind of like that. Years to come when I spot a cool patch I can just iron it on and keep the collection growing which is cool to think about.






This denim jacket has been my SAVIOR ever since I made it. I didn’t realize how many outfits this jacket would be the perfect addition to, but it was a pleasant surprise. Not only just some simple leggings and a v-neck, but even thrown over top of a sweater, you can not go wrong!

I have spotted denim patched jackets so much lately whether it be on the streets of Soho, or ALL over Instagram. They are a trend ready to explode and I am confident will never go out of style.

I hope you’re feeling inspired and jazz up a basic denim jacket up for yourself. You will not regret it (just one step closer to fitting in with a motorcycle gang which is a plus).

denim 2

IMG_0556 (1).JPG

IMG_0532 (1).JPG



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