Lets talk: Colourpop

Lets talk: Colourpop

Well I finally did it. I let my will power (that I never really had to begin with) disappear into thin air as I placed my order with Colourpop #onlineshoppingaddictionstillgoingstrong.

 Quite frankly, I am not sure why it took me so long to do so!

I placed an order with Colourpop during their Labor Day promotion (if you spent a certain amount you would get a certain number of items free) and of course I spent the amount that allowed me to get all 5 items for free #prayforsami2016.

I was SO unbelievably excited to receive my order in the mail and it’s safe to say it completely exceeded my expectations. 


Let’s get into what I purchased shall we?!


Sequin, La La, Tang, Stereo, Nillionaire



Swatches top to bottom: Flexitarian Face Highlighter, La La Eyeshadow, Sequin Eyeshadow


Above NO FLASH, below FLASH



Lippie Stix top to bottom: Brink, Bound, Tootsi, Lumiere  

Ultra Matte Lip top to bottom: Viper, Love Bug, Time Square, Notion




Ultra Matte Lip top to bottom: Times Square, Notion, Viper, Love Bug



Let’s talk:

I have to say, after experimenting with some of these products I’M IN LOVE. I am not only blown away by the price (nothing was more than 8 dollars), but the quality compares and beats some of my higher end makeup. 

The Lippie Stix in particular are my favorites. I am not one to throw on a lip product and go on my merry way, mostly because I usually stop at chapstick. However, the Lippie Stix are incredibly light weight while giving you the perfect amount of color. Not to mention, they are so moisturizing. 

The eyeshadows and highlighter are so buttery and smooth and you couldn’t ask for better color pay off, especially at the price AM I RIGHT LADIES. 

If you are lacking in the eyeshadow, lip or highlighter department I would highly recommend checking out Colourpop! Just in time for fall ♥ 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Many more to come:)

Meet you here again soon,


Summertime, and the Livin’s Easy

Summertime, and the Livin’s Easy

Ah, glorious summer. The most convenient season of the year, where limited clothing is always better and rompers are a girls very best friend. I cherish a good romper when I find one, and love having plenty to chose from at my fingertips. My latest shopping sprees have been based around this wonderful piece of clothing, and I have successfully found a few that I love! 

Today however, I am going to be talking about one in particular. I found it for under 20 dollars at Forever 21, (YES, Forever 21!!). It is possible to find some good pieces there, despite my streak of bad luck.

This romper caught my eye because of the blue and white color scheme which has always been so appealing to me. The colors together are so clean and beautiful. Secondly, the cut of the romper. It did a nice job hugging my waist while the shorts remained flowy and comfortable. What is the best part you ask? You can’t forget about that plunging neckline! This adds such a nice touch of skin and makes it a little more risque.

Take a look!










For this look, I kept my hair out of my face by having Tali (thank you) put my hair in a bun with some nice braids. Paired with my mirrored sunglasses and glowy makeup, this was a perfect summer outfit. I added my jeweled hamsa choker which added the perfect amount of pazzaz.







Now onto Talis look!


Sticking to the blue and white theme of course (yes this was July 4th) Tali incorporated the same color scheme but in a very different way. 

Tali sported another Forever 21 piece, this time it being a dress. Paired with a cream lace bralette, and red lips, it was the perfect look. For accessories, the mirrored sunglasses were a staple of course, as well as the head chain with the french braids which added a very unique and unexpected little twist (you go gurl I miss you). 








Summer is the perfect time to be carefree with your outfit choices, so why not do just that!?

Bonus outfit?! Heck yes. Took some pics of this look so thought I would include just a few. Here, I am wearing a flower embroidered mesh bikini top with my new favorite pants. These pants are suppppper flowy and comfy. Not to mention the beautiful tie dye which never fails to appear in my closet each Summer. The bathing suit top is from Target, and the pants are from a local boutique. If you’re headed out, throwing on a white tee would make for the perfect look, unless you are hanging around poolside of course… a bathing suit top will do:)








More posts are on their way.. from skincare, to fitness, to more fashion! I hope you enjoyed.

Meet you here again SOON!