Touched Down in London Town


*This post is a bit old, from my first few weeks here. Figured I would post it anyway 🙂 *

My first day in my Fashion Journalism class in London, and I cant help but laugh. If someone asked me a year ago if I would be sitting in a class learning about Hermes, Coco Chanel and JPG, interning for French Connection/Great Plains UK, and hopping on a train for a weekend trip to Paris in two weeks, I would look at you in disbelief and recommend counseling. But I am here, doing all of the above.

My life has changed drastically within the past year. While change is good, it can also bring a bit of discomfort and anxiety.

However when preparing for my trip abroad, my anxiety was low and my excitement was sky high. There is something so magical about having the chance to explore a brand new place and knowing the months ahead may be some of the best of your entire life.

A week and a half later, I am now finding my way in London.  I am starting the madness of school, my internship, and planning weekend travels. Also- I am convinced jet lag never ever goes away. I am struggling.

There is nothing more surreal than waking up in the morning and remembering you aren’t in the comfort of your home, next to your dog and a few feet away from your parents.

I thought this would scare me, a lot. But I’ve fallen in love with adventure, I love making new memories, photographing beautiful moments, and meeting new people. So no, I am not scared. I am excited.

While walking through tube stations and strolling around town, I am constantly feeling like I am in New York or Philadelphia. Its a bit deceiving really, but when I am reminded that I am walking the streets of London from the very few American accents, or the infamous black taxi almost running me over every time I step outside, I feel amazed time and time again.

While taking two classes here in London, I am also interning for French Connection. Yes… French Connection. Specifically Great Plains UK. I spend my days at work in the beautiful showroom surrounded by the most recent collections. Like WHAT. 

Somehow, someway I have only been here for 2 and a half weeks. I feel like it has been two months. 

I decided to compile some of my favorite photos I’ve taken while here in London. While not fashion related, I promise those are on the way:)


























Well thats all for now, meet you here again soon:)


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