Fall Haul

Over the last few weeks, I have been on quite a spending spree of all things fall themed. The stores are stocked to the brim with fall inspired gems that get me so excited and giddy for the upcoming season.

I thought I would share a few fun things I’ve purchased the last few weeks and maybe help spark your spirit. Warning: This is incredibly random


Treat yo self. I stopped at a brand new Nordstrom Rack that opened up by my house and picked up a few fun things (also threw in a Lush item). Not exactly sure who allowed this store to open up so close to me considering my will power is non existent, but nonetheless IT DID.


♥ Mario Badescu rose water & aloe facial spray – heard amazing things and was so so excited to pick this lil guy up for just five dollars (reviews to come).

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bottle (was able to find a link!!) Using this bad boy now for the first time and I am literally obsessed. I didn’t know a water bottle could put me in such a good mood but I guess it’s just the little things, ya know!? Keeps my water cold all day and there’s no sweating, not to mention its rose gold so…

♥ Anti Aging facial masks- really enjoyed my first time trying these out!

♥ Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb- stopped in lush for the first time in what feels like ages and bought myself a little cute bath bomb. Honey is one of my favorite scents (honey I washed the kids soap is EVERYTHING) & was so excited to see they had this bath bomb. However, I was informed they are discontinuing this item *sheds real tears*


Going into fall I desperately needed a transition pair of shoes to help take me from birkenstocks to booties.  I knew immediately that slip ons were the answer, and went straight to the Vans store to pick up a pair. I’m obsessed and have worn them with every one of my outfits!



*Blacks out and orders another pair of Vans*

TO MY DEFENSE… Urban Outfitters was having an extra 40% off on sale items and it would have been morally wrong if I didn’t get them. If I’m being honest, I really saw myself trotting around London in these and from there my debit card was just doomed. 



*All the twinkle light everywhere* Nothing screams cozy quite like twinkle lights. Shoutout to my dad for buying these christmas lights that I have been on the search for. Quite a random haul item but I love the way they make my room look & feel. I don’t know what it is but they just shine bright like diamonds and make me feel some type of way. Definitely a fall necessity if I do say so myself. 



Food, food, food! I stopped by Trader Joe’s (thank you Amanda for the inspo) for some basic pumpkin flavored necessities. Blacked out, once more. Two boxes of pumpkin macaroons, two bags of pumpkin flavored tortilla chips, and two boxes of pumpkin waffles later, Trader Joe’s did things to my soul. Go now. You will not regret it. You’ll just end up with doubles of everything in fear that you’ll never see it again. 






Moral of the story is… pumpkin everything. 

Meet you here again soon,



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