Comfort Zone

I must be feeling inspired because this is my second post in two days, wow! It’s a gloomy Thursday morning in my Text Sound and Image class which I am clearly not paying attention to. These weeks seem to be flying by and it’s crazy to me that I have been at my new school for about 3 months. If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know that I transferred from Bloomsburg University to Philadelphia University. Random isn’t it? You’re tellin me. I was lucky enough to experience the most amazing two years at Bloom. Not only did I go into my freshman year with my best friend, but I met a group of people that I have the luxury of knowing will be in my life forever. Sometimes I wonder where I would be or what would have happened if I went to PhilaU from the beginning, and then I remember that I wouldn’t have some of the best memories that I hold so tight.

I decided that transferring schools would be the best move for me in order to further my career within the fashion industry. If you asked me around ages 7-13 I would have probably told you I wanted to be a fashion designer or a professional scanner at a market (don’t tell me you’ve never had those thoughts). I used to draw designs in books and my Mommom would have them laminated for me. However, that urge to be in fashion never went away for a second just my desire to be a fashion designer.

I couldn’t even necessarily give a solid reason as to why, but I realized that I had a true passion for writing and organizing and being creative and wanted to submerge myself into the fashion industry in whichever way it so fit. Long story short.. Anna Wintour is everything I want to be and more.

In my short 3 months at this school, I feel like I am truly where I am meant to be. In my short  3 months I met the creator of NYFW and went to New York to tour the Hermes showroom. Like… what…?

I was uncomfortable that I was so comfortable at Bloomsburg. Does that even make sense? That school was my second home and a place where all of my best friends were right around the corner from me. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I did.

When September rolled around I entered this brand new school and couldn’t have been more excited. I am majoring in communications concentrating on fashion studies (thinking about PR or journalism). Everyday I am surrounded by people that eat sleep and breath fashion just like I do and that feeling is something I can’t describe.

If I had stayed at the school that I did love, but felt wasn’t helping me achieve my dreams; what good would that have done me? I am so eager to achieve every single aspiration I have in this life and I am now on the road to doing that.

image2 (1)

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