A Summers Tale…

Reminisce —

verb (used without object)reminisced, reminiscing.
1. to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence.
Something I find myself doing too often. However, I don’t consider it a bad thing. If you find yourself reminiscing too often like myself, make it a little interesting. Give yourself something truly amazing to look back on. Instead of scrolling through pictures for hours on end, give yourself three short minutes of the fantastic past that you are so desperately feening for. That way, you can look back on those memories with the click of a button.
I am no iMovie expert.. but I do like to play around. Making something come to life is really an art. Like I mentioned in my first post.. taking pictures with my best friend is more than a hobby.. its a passion, and we take advantage of the opportunity to do so whenever we have the chance.
With that being said.. enjoy a Summers Tale.. By: Tali & Sami

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